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Helping Children get access to education in Cambodia.




We like to make money at the Party Hut but we also know that we have to give some back. We reckon this is how you create good karma.


We try and do help our local community here in Toowoomba where we can. Although we realise that as Australians we are very lucky and there are other people out there in our global village who really do need a leg up. 


I'd like to introduce to you Singing Kites. This is a real organisation doing awseome things. Singing Kites is a grass roots aid organisation who strive to provide assistance and support to help communities in Cambodia move out of the cycle of poverty. It's home base is in Toowoomba and it's heart is in Cambodia. Believe us when we say to you that your money goes directly into building a future for an impoverished community. There is no money wasted!! Our big boss (Jane) goes to Tanop Village each year and she says its for real, how Singing Kites is making the world a better place.


The organisation consists of a group of like minded people, who believe that we can contribute something of worth, to show people in developing countries that we care.


Singing Kites current projects are those initiatives which assist people in the impoverished rural village of Tanop, to establish micro-businesses, and in the building of an educational centre to teach English, agricultural, and health practises.


The Party Hut is dedicating time, resources and product to help Singing Kites. We urge you to visit to find out more about this great organisation... See for further information.


Click here to see where Tanop village is located in Google Maps.


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