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A ready to use flower paste that can be rolled paper thin. It dries with a strength due to its formulation and is ideal for lace moulds, flowers, figurines and all other ornamental work. Product is freeze thaw stable so it can be used over and over to eliminate any wastage. This product is the pinnacle of cake decorating and has a great range of real and vibrant colours. Knead your desired portion of BYCAITLINMITCHELL Gum Paste with BYCAITLINMITCHELL moulding fat and it will become very extensible. Rub a smear of moulding fat on your board and roll to desired thickness. BycaitlinMitchell Gum paste can be frozen for long periods of time. Before reusing let it come to room temperature and knead well with moulding fat or corn starch. The colours are concentrated but all the colours are compatible due to the exclusive formulation. If you find the paste is too slack which should not be the case, then the addition of pure icing sugar would suffice. In high humid conditions create the drying conditions for your finished piece; after all we are working predominantly with sugar. Menina Flower paste is freeze thaw stable so it can be used over and over to eliminate any wastage, under the right conditions will dry quickly and should require the minimum of petal propping.

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