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50% less saturated fat than butter and 0g of trans fats per serving. Ideal for buttercream icing. 1lb (453g) tub. Having trouble making white icing? Try this recipe below. Buttercream Recipe: 600g Sieved Pure Icing Sugar 190g White Vegetable Shortening 1 tsp. of Clear Vanilla extract by Wilton – so it doesn’t discolour the icing (V125400) 6-8 tsp. of boiling water 1 tbsp. of Egg White Powder (V138070) A good pinch of salt Method: Makes 3 cups of white icing Place vegetable shortening and flavour in mix master and mix on slow speed Pour icing sugar, salt and meringue powder on top of this, Boil the water and start with 6 teaspoons add to bowl Turn of mixer again and mix slowly until you see a crumbly mix, stop mixer and scrap bowl to mix well Turn back on and adjust consistency with more water if required as in the Final picture Again, consistency can be changed by adding drops of water, don’t overdo it. Thin consistency is normally used to cover a cake adding an extra 2 tsp. per cup of icing

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