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The ColourSwirl 3-Colour Coupler Decorating Kit has everything you need to get started. Use the ColourSwirl 3-Colour Coupler to seamlessly blend 2-3 color icings as you pipe. Choose from double swirl or triple swirl colors. The interlocking coupler pieces connect multiple decorating bags, allowing you to swirl 2 or 3 colours together with one simple piping motion. Decorating Kit Includes: Coupler 2 decorating tips: 1M, 1A 6 X 16 in. disposable decorating bags Illustrated icing designs Simply connect and secure with the included ring. Use the included 16 in. decorating bags to decorate sweet treats with the easy ColourSwirl technique. Alternate decorating tips to vary piping techniques. Kit comes with tips 1M and 1A .......but also works well with tips 2C and 4B (sold separately).

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