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What we do:

1.   Costume Hire
2.   Costume Accessories
3.   Balloons
4.   Party Supplies
5.   Party Rentals. Jukebox/ Karaoke, Frozen Cocktail Machine, Fairy Floss Machins etc. 
Just a few things about our business. We are a privately owned party supply business operating from our premises in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. We provide a walk in retail shop for the public showing all of our exciting and interesting products that we sell. We also deliver beautiful balloons bouquets for people who have wonderful taste and appreciate good service. And just when we thought we had enough to do we also go on site and decorate our customers venues. We are more than happy to ship orders locally, interstate and internationally. Unfortunately we do not ship our hire items internationaly. 
Meet the Team
Hi I am Paul and with my wife Jane we own and operate "The Party Hut". I am also in charge of your web viewing experience so e-mail me if you want some improvements sales@partyhut.com.au. Also I am the only kind of my gender at work so by default I am the climb tall and dangerous ladders man. I am the hang from your toes rigging man, I am the "Paul can you empty this big heavy bin it's to heavy for a normal person, man". Yep, I get roughed around by the women but I bring  skills to the table that they can only wish for. I can operate this web page and make the photos of the girls look really bad if they give me too much cheek. You will see by obvious example the guilty parties below. I enjoy the challenge of running a small business and love the sourcing of new and exciting products. Above all I am totally committed to great customer service. And thats no joke. Come and see for yourself.



Jane: Well this is the ice lady. Jane brings a cool head and tranquility to our chaos. She is the boss but you wouldn't know it. She is a mother of 3 kids and therefore has the ability to multi-task like no male could even dream of. She is a registered Psychologist and this is obviously helpful when dealing with a large percentage of our customers and every single one of our very deeply troubled, Party Hut team. Jane loves numbers and sleeps with her calculator. She especially loves to hear the cash register going "ding" so help her out and come in and say hello to her. Maybe you could buy some things so she can get out her calculator and balance the till. Jane is interested in the ongoing development of our products and services with particular analysis going to our balloon designs and gift deliveries. She is a C.B.A (Certified Balloon Artist) which means she has been tested and achieved a high degree of competency and experience to the set out industry standards. Please don't be shy, give Jane a call.
P.S. Jane is in one of our hire costumes for this picture... I think she looks pretty hot as a 1960's blonde !

 Janel is so squeaky clean it makes you sick. She is punctual, efficient, accurate, gets back to customers when she says she will, works hard, doesn’t swear, doesn’t sweat, doesn’t panic, brings in homemade biscuits for smoko, makes common sense suggestions, is informed on world events, is impeccably dressed at all times and wonderful with customers. Ahhhhhhhhh, enough!!!!. I know you think this must be a lie and that no such person could ever exist. It’s sad but it is true. Come in and see her for yourself.




Kerry has a background in hair dressing in which she has won many awards including a prestigious Best in Queensland for: Modern/Funky hairstyle. She is now excited to be able to turn her creative energy to the Party industry with particular interest in the use of balloons as a decorating medium. Kerry is computer challenged (meaning she doesn't have a clue about them) but she is good at a lot of other things like hairdressing and um, I'm thinking, um, well I'll get back to you on the other things she's good at another time, maybe. Anyway the other day she cut my hair and since then mothers look at me suspiciously and hold their children close to them when I walk by. Figure that out? One thing that binds all of us together at the Party Hut is that we truly believe in great customer service. Kerry comes to us with that philosophy and what more can you ask for.




Introducing Julie. You won't recognise her from this picture but she lost a bet and had to get dressed up in our clown gear for a day. (Slight improvement anyway if you ask me) Julie has been working in Toowoomba for as long as I can remember and has managed some pretty big businesses. Why she want's to work here beats me but we are glad she has come. She's quick, she's enthusiastic and she would love to help you make the best celebration ever!



I'm happy to say here is Anna dressed up in a Party Hut hire costume as a witch but she's not really a witch, well not at work anyway. You'd have to ask her husband what she's like at home. Anna is our new secret weapon. Anna loves to dress up and some days we don't even recognise her ourselves. We have snuck her in here after poaching her from the health care industry and she is awesome. As well as being great person to have in our team she can also give you needles. How cool is that? Although when she does get out her needles we keep her well away from our 196 different colored high quality decorator balloons. Come and see all these colors for yourself. Also when you come in please don't call Anna a witch. (not to her face anyway) also she doesn't have pink hair.




 Cheryl Is Awesome. "Is Awesome" isn't her last name... Im just saying "She's Awesome". Cheryl loves dressing up and thats a huge part of our business, so its a perfect fit!  Talk about commited...Cheryl has been seen here with her pet cockatiel on her shoulder dressed up as a pirate..ALL DAY! We never know really what she's going to turn up in! In the past she's dressed up as a taco, a hamburger, a sailor, a cat, a ghost, a bottle of rum, a hobo (oops, turns out this day it was just her normal clothes), a dinosaur and the list goes on. She's crazy fun and the days go quick when shes here. We like her, so will you.






Nikki is represented here with a balloon smiley face as her avatar. This is because Nikki is Balloons. She's our balloon decorating queen. She won the best balloon decorator award at our 2017 Party Hut Christmas party, so the girls got skillz! (at least more than us). She has balloons for breaky and there ain't nuthin she don't know about balloons! 16 years in the industry will do that to you! She loves her job and she loves making magic with balloons. Nikki is another one of these people who won't cut corners! Honestly what used to be wrong with doing something quickly and cheaply? Anyway never fear because with Nikki it's 100% all the way when it comes to her beloved balloons. Also Nikki is from New Zealand..... baaaa baaaaa :) 





 Meet Roz. She loves Balloon decor. She didn't choose the balloon life......The balloon life chose her. OMG she's a livewire. I made her look like a "Thugs Life" meme here and put a ciggy in her mouth but that couldnt be further from the truth. She loves fitness and would never smoke (except from her sneakers when she's dancing like no ones watching) and i also hear she's a black belt in some sort of martial art like kung fu or something... needless to say ..... I'm careful not to get on her bad side...the only thing is I don't think she has a bad side. Anyway she really is a top bloke ...ooops i mean .....top person and she will 100% make sure you are happy with any dealings you have with her.