Perfect for Mobile DJs, Entertainers and small parties. Mini Fogger requires a secuity bond of $50.00 Antari F80Z Mini Fogger "Alpha" Mini Fog Machine The Antari F80Z has been a market leader, in both performance and reliability. Even though under 4.5kg, the 700w heater and 800ml tank pump out 2500 cubic feet a minute of rich mist.

The F80Z meets all Australian and international safety and compliance standards and comes with a remote control. Operate from the floor, or mount via the included hanging bracket and watch the fog cascade down.

Note: Requires fog fluid for operation - available separately. 

Heavy Fog Liquid Magic Mist 1L ($17)  |   Heavy Fog Liquid Magic Mist 5L ($99.99)

Specifications * Power Consumption: 750W * Output: 70m3/min, 2500 ft3/min * Tank Capacity: 800mL * Control: wired remote control included Creates an ultra-thick white fog 100% Odourless with a slow dissipation rate Used by the CFA for fire training drills, security systems, and outdoor events Made for use with waterbased smoke machines and ice foggers Made in Australia with premium ingredients Appearance: Clear, colourless liquid. Boiling Point- Approx. 220 deg. C Vapour Pressure-1 atm

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Price:  $35 per day.

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