The Party Hut is a member if the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. We have joined this body to support and promote the responsible use and disposal of balloons.

Many years ago it was commonplace to release balloons for events such as grand finals, celebrations and funerals. Luckily these days it's not common. The Queensland Government makes it quite clear in the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 that the release of balloons is littering and therefore illegal and is penalised with fines. The current fines for littering by an individual start at $243 and fines for littering by a corporation start at $1,219. The maximum penalty for littering is $3,657.

It's "NOT COOL" to accidentally or intentionally release balloons into the environment.

Our commitment is to help inform and educate our customers about the moral and legal issues involved in releasing balloons. 

Putting it simply, Don't ever release balloons.

We are reaching a litter crisis in the world with cigarette butts, plastic bags and plastic bottles inundating our beaches and our oceans. So PLEASE do your part. Don't add your balloons to this mess!