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PLEASE EMAIL IMAGE IN THE SIZE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE IT PRINTED. 1. Edible Fondant Sheets are 28.5cm x 21cm. The actual print area is best at 25cm x 19cm. 2. We can print virtually any image onto the fondant. Please make sure you own the image to avoid copyright infringements. 3. Our edible ink printing colors are excellent and generally print very close to the original image but we don't guarantee to color match. Sorry. 4. Email is the best way to send us your image. We can accept USB storage devices if your keen to visit us in store. 5. We can accept most files types word, publisher, pdf, jpg and psd files to name a few. 6. Your files need to be a good size. If you view the image at 100% and it takes up a large part of the screen then it generally will be fine to use. 7. Keep it simple! If you make it easy and supply the artwork to fit our sheets which are 28.5cm x 21cm and the actual print area at 25cm x 19cm the we only charge you $15.00 8. Any requests for more intricate artwork will try to be accommodated but may take time and incur a set-up fee. 9. Additions to your image like "Happy Birthday Jill" are generally no problem. But to keep the price at $14.00 we need to keep it fairly simple and quick. 10. We print your images out at night so the turnaround is conveniently next day. If you are super urgent we will always try to accommodate your request (but sometimes might not be possible) These premium sheets by BakePrint offer unsurpassed clarity and ability to peel off easy in our climate. Icing Sheets are an actual layer of icing that bonds with the icing on the cake. They can be applied to all types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, Sugarveil®, fondant, blown sugar, etc. These sheets are on a clear backing that easily peels away from the icing layer.

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