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Genuine Karen Davies Moulds Imported Direct From The U.K. Karen Davies Sugarcraft design and manufacture high quality silicone moulds with the belief that cake decorating and sugarcraft should be accessible to anyone. With these moulds you can achieve perfect and professional outcomes quickly and easily with no stress. All Karen Davies Sugarcraft original design moulds are made in their own factory in the UK and are independently tested in Germany to assure compliance to the highest food standards. One of our most popular moulds! The large rose mould gives you 5 very different roses, making it quick an easy to make beautiful, detailed flowers in seconds. From the large 8cm rose to the tiny 1cm bud. The large rose saves so much time making roses for your cakes by hand. So when you are short on time, or the bride has a budget to keep to, is when you will truly appreciate this mould. When the large rose is moulded and dried overnight, it can be used to produce a beautiful arrangement for any tier of the cake. The options are endless. Perfect for cupcakes and cookies. The largest Rose can be gently pinched and tweaked to give it a finer appearance. This mould works perfectly with our Peony mould and our Filler Flowers.

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