Mould Small Teddy 9x6cm Karen Davies

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Genuine Karen Davies Moulds Imported Direct From The U.K. This mould allows you to create a perfect, cute teddy figure in seconds. Ideal for many occasions. Can be made fluffy with sugarpaste softened with water and applied with a damp paintbrush or by snipping with tweezer scissors (see our equipment section). Add a Christmas hat, Easter bonnet etc. When dry can be stood up and secured to the top of a cake with royal icing. All of Karen Davies original design moulds are made in their factory in the UK and independently tested in Germany to assure compliance to the highest food standards. These moulds can be used with Sugarpaste, Flower paste, Marzipan, Modelling paste, Chocolate, Candy, Boiled Sugar, Saltdough, Air Drying Clays, Cold Porcelain and Embossing Powder.

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