Confetti Launcher Wedding Popper Cannon White Hearts

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These Wedding Confetti twist poppers shoot white tissue hearts meters into the air, creating a confetti shower effect with white hearts fluttering to the ground! They are powered by compressed air only - no gunpowder or fireworks! A great product for Valentine's Day or weddings. COMPRESSED AIR BLOWS OUT WHEN TWIST ACITVATED. NO FIREWORKS INVOLVED. + DANGEROUS GOODS AND MUST BE SENT BY ROAD., FREIGHT SURCHARGE MAY APPLY IF USING A FREIGHT COMPANY. + ALLOW 7 WORKING DAYS FOR DELIVERY Use these confetti twist cannons to shower your celebration with confetti. These twist cannons will really make your celebration go off with a bang! They are really only suitable of outdoor use only. It's as simple as point the popper away from people and animals and twist the base. They are one time use and cannot be refilled. WARNINGS It is not recommended for use by children under 14 years of age and please do not put any body part in front of the firing end. Do not expose the cannon to sunlight or temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius Contains small parts Do not fire close to eyes or ears

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