Wristband Red 25mm Pk/1000 - Order in Item Only

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Product InformationWidth x Length - 25mm x 250mm Recommended use is 1-2 days Each Tyvek wristband is numbered on top of the adhesive for easy visibility. Each packet contains 100 consecutively numbered wristbands. Uses a strong adhesive closure that will adjust to every size wrist. Security die cuts are integrated into the adhesive closure to prevent individuals from detaching and transferring the wristband. Tyvek can be written on. The underneath part of the wristband is solid white, and doesn't reflect what's on the front. Offered in several solid colors accompanied by a variety of prints. All Tyvek wristbands are one time use and disposable. * Actual colors may vary from the website. +Order In Item Allow 7 Business Days

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